Free TV Paint Demo this Thursday at Society of Illustrators Los Angeles Headquarters


Don Perro from Tvpaint Développement and Capilano University will be demoing TVPaint this Thursday (September 22nd) at the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles at 7pm. Its an amazing paint software program used by Tonko House, generic cialis Cartoon Saloon and former disney animator Aaron Blaise! Its a great tool for painting and animating! 5119 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041. And best of all its FREEE!!

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How to Market Yourself As An Illustrator, An Interview With Writer And Illustrator Alex Mathers.

Here’s Society of Illustrators Los Angeles latest podcast interview with Alex Mathers, viagra store talented illustrator and writer who counts Google and Wired as some of his clients. He’s the founder of the Red Lemon Club an amazing resource and “idea hub for creatives, discount cialis there renegades, tadalafil entrepreneurs, founders, freelancers, nomads and people who are making an impact doing their own thing.” He talks about schedules, marketing oneself and how he stays on top of it all!




Free event tonight! A look at the Islate for artists who love the traditional medium!

Society of Illustrators has a great event tonight. If you’re in Los Angeles, buy viagra malady you’re going to want to check out this new piece of technology that lets you use ordinary paper and pencil and digitizes it in real time to Ipad or PC, and Mac. Here’s the blurb from SILA

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.59.20 PM

ISKN and SILA – Together tonight, September 24 7pm, at the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles in Eagle Rock

ISKN has created The Slate, a unique writing device that allows pen and paper lovers to digitize sketches and notes. Simply put your favorite notebook on the no-slip surface and draw your imagination. Your work is magically digitized on your screen! Stay mobile thanks to the long-life battery and the embedded memory. Enjoy the thinness and lightness of the Slate.

ISKN will be showing their digitizing technology at 7pm at the Society at 5119 Eagle Rock Blvd. Refreshments will be available. There is street and parking lot parking. Questions? Contact Alyce at the office 800-799-6368 or Scott Gandell at the Gallery, 213-241-9741.


Interview with Justin Rodrigues Character Designer with Chris Oately.

Justin Rodrigues, viagra sale and extraordinary character designer talks to Chris Oatley about his character design work. Here’s part I.


Justin Rodrigues is teaching a class at The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles in Eagle Rock that starts October first! Click on the address below for more info!…/14342463-thursdays-oct-1-oct-29-…

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How to be an Editor-An interview with Jim Higgins-Comic book editor

Society of Illustrators Los Angeles interview the fabulous comic editor Jim Higgins. Jim has been a writer and editor in the comics business since 1993. He worked in the Paradox Press division of DC Comics for six years where he edited five books – The Big Book of Grimm, cialis usa prescription Martyrs, and The Unexplained, Hoaxes,and the ‘70s – and assisted on all 12 others in the series. He was assistant editor on the graphic novels A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, and Stuck Rubber Baby. He is the editor and publisher of New Thing, an international anthology of short comics stories. He taught comic book storytelling for eight years at The School of Visual Arts in New York City and cinema studies at The City University of New York for four and a half.


In 2003, Jim worked with the Japanese company Seirindo Manga licensing their comics properties in the US. In 2008, Jim began a successful program of classes on comic book writing and drawing at Meltdown Comics which now has six different classes and is continuing to expand. Jim teaches a making comics course at the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles new headquarters in Eagle Rock. Classes start on Monday!


An interview with Rob Goodin, creator of the “Kurdles” Graphic novel by Fantagraphics

Rob Goodin, discount viagra viagra Cartoonist and animation artist talks about his new graphic novel “The Kurdles” published by Fantagraphics with Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, board member Santosh Oommen. Rob lets us in on his process and the long arduous road to making his first graphic novel. Rob is also signing his new book “The Kurdles” at Pop Secret Gallery on Saturday June 13. For more information click here



SILA Podcast #8 An Interview with Poe Tan, A Journey to becoming an independent artist!

An interview with Poe Tan, viagra sales great artist, try teacher, and now entrepreneur. Poe has work in animation for more than 15 years.

He has worked for Walt Disney Animation Studios, Warner Brothers Animation , Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox Animation, Sony, and many others. He has done designs for hit shows Ben10, Rugrats the Movie, Johnny Bravo, He Man Masters of the Universe and many more. Areas of expertise include background design both relating to animation and game design. Poe has received his MFA in 2014 from Academy of Art and has been teaching at many famous art institutes including Art Center since 2000.  Hear  him about his journey from his home country of Malaysia, to one of the animation capitals of the world. Hope you take a listen.

Poe is  also teaching Entertainment Design at Society of Illustrators Los Angeles new home in Eagle Rock,Ca.  For more information click here.

To check out Kommercial Wurkz, Poe’s new venture click here.


How to Storyboard the Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

Warren Drummond, best viagra pharmacy veteran live action storyboard artist did some storyboards for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Here’s some of them. And now he’ll be back to doing storyboards on the finale of Agents of Shield.

Check out an interview he did recently with Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.

And now he’s teaching a workshop on Breaking into Live Action Storyboarding. on March 28th at the new Pop Secret Gallery/Sila in Los Angeles. Click here.






See more Rise of the Planet of the Ape boards here.


Creativity and Process in Storyboarding-An Interview with Peter Paul

Peter Paul, cialis sale find Storyboard artist at Dreamworks TV animation, buy cialis talks about his start in animation, his process, creativity and breaking into animation.


He’s also teaching Storyboarding for Animation at SILA/Pop Secret in Los Angeles.


Storyboarding Panel Video Part II- Society of Illustrators Los Angeles-Breaking In

Finally, generic viagra view Part II is online of the Storyboard Panel put on by Society of Illustrators last year.

How do you break into Feature animation, generic cialis sales tv animation, commercial and live action. Watch part two and hear profressionals talk about their craft.

Don’t forget Peter Paul, veteran animation storyboard artist is teaching Storyboarding for Animation at SILA/Pop Secret in Los Angeles.

And Warren Drummond, veteran storyboard artist is teaching a seminar on live action storyboarding.