Alina Chau Exhibition at South Pasadena Mercantile and a Watercolor Process Video

Alina Chau, viagra generic nurse illustrator, cialis sale animator, and children’s book author is exhibiting her work at South Pasadena Mercantile this weekend. Alina Chau has been an animator and illustrator for the last 15 years and is actively doing children’s books and now a children’s book app. Come see her breath-taking water color work at the South Pasadena Mercantile this Sunday Nov. 17 7-10pm. 1105 Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, Ca. 91030

Alina Chau at South Pasadena Mercantile

Watch her do her watercolors at 4:05 is this video

And watch her do her watercolors in another short video.

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