How to be an Editor-An interview with Jim Higgins-Comic book editor

Society of Illustrators Los Angeles interview the fabulous comic editor Jim Higgins. Jim has been a writer and editor in the comics business since 1993. He worked in the Paradox Press division of DC Comics for six years where he edited five books – The Big Book of Grimm, cialis usa prescription Martyrs, and The Unexplained, Hoaxes,and the ‘70s – and assisted on all 12 others in the series. He was assistant editor on the graphic novels A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, and Stuck Rubber Baby. He is the editor and publisher of New Thing, an international anthology of short comics stories. He taught comic book storytelling for eight years at The School of Visual Arts in New York City and cinema studies at The City University of New York for four and a half.


In 2003, Jim worked with the Japanese company Seirindo Manga licensing their comics properties in the US. In 2008, Jim began a successful program of classes on comic book writing and drawing at Meltdown Comics which now has six different classes and is continuing to expand. Jim teaches a making comics course at the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles new headquarters in Eagle Rock. Classes start on Monday!

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